Change Your Kitchen Decor Style


Are you ready to change up the decor in your kitchen? Ready to remodel your kitchen and install new cabinets in addition to adding beautiful granite countertops? That’s why you are beginning to search and you can call us for a complete kitchen redesign (321)-418-8830, but maybe all your kitchen really needs is a few things to add a little spice with a few accent pieces. A new kitchen table, flowers with colorful pottery, or a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruits and veggies might be all you need to brighten up the room.  You can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen with a few tweaks. Here are some ideas for inspiration… starting with our fruit bowl remodeling it is just what you need to make it a room you love.

Change Your Bathroom and Add Style

When was the last time you changed the tiles on your bathroom floor? What about the last time you had the walls painted? How long have you had the bathtub? Change is not always a bad thing. If you are in a situation where you dread spending anytime in your bathroom, remodeling can be just what you need to make it a room you love!

Idea #1: No Curb Walk-In Shower

Curbless walk-in showers are becoming more popular because they are safe, easy to clean, and stylish. If you have someone who is overweight, handicapped, or elderly living in your home, a walk-in shower without a curb is a much more convenient way for them to shower. No curb means no falling hazard as you (or anyone in your family) gets in and out of the shower every day.

Idea #2: Motion Activated Faucets

Motion activated faucets are extremely popular in places of business because they are efficient. They can be just as efficient in a home. Think about the last time you brushed your teeth. Do you leave the water running the entire time or do you turn it on and off as you need it? Leaving it running the entire time is a huge waste of water and constantly turning it on and off is time consuming.

A motion activated faucet would allow you to turn the water on when you need it and turn it off when you are done with ease. It provides an opportunity for you to save tons of money on your water bill. If you have children, you can even have a motion activated faucet installed with temperature control. This way, hot water will never scald anyone who uses the sink.

You should love every room in your home, and this includes your bathroom. If you dread going into your bathroom, it is time for a change. Hiring a contractor to make some quick modifications to your bathroom is all you need to fall in love with it again.

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