UPON SIGNED CONTRACT – DEPOSIT ON MATERIALS ORDER MATERIALS (1 week unless it’s special order) Inspect materials. CONTRACTOR SCHEDULE AND PREP FOR DEMO AFTER DEMO, It’s time to see if any work is needed behind walls, below floors and above ceilings. Plumbing, electrical (including housings), heating and air conditioning rough-ins, sound-baffling, insulation, and any subfloors. […]
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  • When Remodeling Your Kitchen Here Are Steps:

    custom kitchens in Orlando fl
    Step #1: Permits for the Kitchen Renovation Depending on your state and the actual county each  has different kitchen remodeling permit requirements.  Typically your general contractor or your design team handles this step into changing your kitchen design into construction plans and submits them to that county for a construction permit approval and getting it […]
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  • Why Choose an Expert Designer?

    Foyer And Staircase In Luxury Home
    If you’re like a lot of other people you probably have been contemplating your home remodeling projects for years. Maybe you just don’t know how to begin or where to start. Ace Interior Designs understands this hesitance. Remodeling projects can be a lot of work, after all, and taking on the project alone can be so intimidating that you may […]
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  • Change Your Kitchen Decor Style

    orlando home remodeling
    Are you ready to change up the decor in your kitchen? Ready to remodel your kitchen and install new cabinets in addition to adding beautiful granite countertops? That’s why you are beginning to search and you can call us for a complete kitchen redesign (321)-418-8830, but maybe all your kitchen really needs is a few things to add a little spice with […]
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